27 Jul 15 – Monday, Post-CF Games (not me!!)

Sorry, it has been 10 days since my last confession.

What a 10 days though!! The CF Games have been epic but I’ll get to those later.

As a quick run-down of the last 10 days, I should start by saying that I have been exceptionally busy. It hasn’t resulted in loss of training output (much) but just in the ability to log my work on here.  So, here we go. oh, my nutrition has also been pretty goddamn shit. This last weekend was spent lapping up party food for the best part of 36 hrs. Lots of beige food, alcohol and no vitamins. 2 weeks to France, let’s do this.

20 Jul 15

A. Every 90s x 10

  • 1 x Hang Clean
  • 1 x Front Squat
  • 1 x Clean

60 / 65 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 77.5 / 80 / 82.5 / 85 / 87.5kg

I perhaps started a little low but I am happy with the final number. To be throwing around 87.5kg for 3 movements, without putting the bar down, is impressive from my point of view.

B.  4 Rounds For Time:

  • 30 x Air Squat
  • 20 x Wall Balls (9kg / 10′)
  • 10 x Pull Ups

Time: 7:53 Rx

Completely unbroken in every movement, I walked away from this one absolutely over the moon. The butterfly kips have come on a treat in the Pull Ups and really kept me in the game. I hammered this one and came away very content.


22 Jul 15

A.  Every 3rd min

  • 3 x Back Squats
  • 5 x Depth Box Jumps

115kg / 35″, 115 / 35″, 115 / 39″, 115 / 42″

To translate that (Dad / Mrs NC), I back-squatted 3 x 115kg, 4 times. It’s not a lot of weight, granted, but it’s all I can do at the moment. Interspersed with that with ‘Depth Box Jumps’. Unlike the Seated Box Jumps of last week, this time you start standing on a 12″ box. Stepping down to the floor, you immediately bound up on to another box. The step down allows you to generate a tremendous amount of spring in the achilles, calves and quads. I mastered a 42″ jump (5 times) although I have higher in me without the back squats first!

B.  Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM), 30 mins.

  • 1st min – 3 Muscle Ups (Rings)
  • 2nd min – 5 x Thrusters @ 60kg
  • 3rd min – Run 100m
  • Repeat

The Muscle Ups were the part I was most content with today. Well, I was also the fastest person to complete the entire workout, which is always pleasing. A few people dropped out or 1 or more parts of it (which is disappointing). The Thrusters should have been at 70kg but there was no way that was happening. Sure, I could have struggled through it but it would have been counter-productive; I would have slowed right down, generated no intensity and wouldn’t have delivered the power output that I need in order to develop.


24 Jul 15

A.  Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM), 20 mins.

  • Odd – 1 x Power Clean, 2 x Jerk
  • Even – 5 x Bench Press

70kg every time. Having not touched Bench Press for a very long time (over a year), I struggled through 5 x 70kgs. That said, it was still 10 rounds of 5 x 70kg and so I shifted 3,000kg in that regard. I also maintained 70kg throughout for the Power Clean / Jerks, which is an increase in last week’s similar workout.

B.  For time:


  • Wall Balls (9kg / 10′)
  • Double Unders

A lovely swift finisher for the week, this saw Double Unders for the first time in a while. All were unbroken except the 40s which I broke in to 20 / 20.  I broke the Wall Balls in to 20s/10s throughout and stick rigidly to it. I perhaps wasted too much time on the Wall Balls and let myself off a bit too much but not every day is a PR day.


27 Jul 15 – Today

A.  Every 90s for 10 rounds

  • 1 x Power Clean
  • 1 x Hang Clean

70 / 75 / 75 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 85 / 85 / 90 / 95 (F)

I set a target of 90kg and I hit it. I should have hit 95kg but it was a step too far and we ran out of time. However, to have Power Cleaned 90kg, straight in to a Hang Clean has got to be applauded (internally, obviously). My 1RM Clean & Jerk is 100kg and so to be repeatedly throwing around 90kg is a clear indicator of progress.

B.  For Time:

  • 21 x Thrusters (45kg)
  • 21 x KB Swings (32kg)
  • 400m Run
  • 15 x Thrusters (45kg)
  • 15 x KB Swings (32kg)
  • 400m Run
  • 9 x Thrusters (45kg)
  • 9 x KB Swings (32kg)

Time: 8:19

Completing the Kettlebell Swings in the Russian Style (above eyeline only, not overhead), I beat the ‘stars’ of CFP who went fully overhead; that obviously takes more time but I wasn’t willing for the guys to complete ‘American’ style this morning. It was clear from watching the Clean work that the coordination just wasn’t there today. I didn’t want to see a KB flying somewhere it shouldn’t have, landing on a head or breaking a wrist. I completed the whole thing unbroken, Thrusters included. I am happy with how this one went, there were no pauses, just constant work.



SO! CrossFit Games 2015 has concluded and in a very dramatic fashion. I went to bed having seen the Men’s and Women’s leaderboards going in to the final event. I awoke to see the Men’s exactly as expected but the Women’s having completely changed and a new Queen crowned. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Games this year. Mrs NC had to put up with me checking YouTube constantly over the weekend as I checked to see the progress of Kara Webb, Sam Briggs, Steve Fawcett and others. I was upset to see Kara Webb drop to 5th overall but she really did give everything in ‘Murph’ and I suspect there was just nothing left for the final round. Sam Briggs made a storming comeback during ‘Midline Madness’ and then almost snuck on to the podium with an outstanding performance in ‘Pedal to the Metal 2’. However, to come in 4th, as one of the oldest female competitors, was impressive. She was trumped by 2 Icelanders and a relatively unknown Aussie. The penultimate event, with the ‘peg board climb’ threw everything in to a cocked hat. It was an event that noone could have anticipated and prepared for. You had to adapt on the fly and it relied 100% on grip and arm strength. That event (Pedal to the Metal 1) was actually pretty disappointing from a spectator point of view as very few (less than 5 men/women) managed to complete it which led to a lot of people standing around for 6 mins, waiting for the final event.

However, from a fitness point of view, the Games delivered in spades. The first 3 events contained no barbells but threw swimming, paddle boards, gymnastics, sprints / hurdles and sandbags at the competitors who lapped it up and demonstrated true ‘cross-domain fitness’. I used to question the title “Fittest on Earth” but I challenge anyone to question it now. There is no other fitness model that so comprehensively prepares and then quantifiably tests against such a broad but specific definition of fitness. If there is, let those who particpate in whatever it is sign up and test themselves against the fittest in the world.

Roll on CF Games 2016!


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