17 Jul 15 – Here comes the Weekend!

By Thor, it was hard getting out of bed this morning. I don’t know why but I really couldn’t shake sleep off my shoulders until I had actually entered the box to open up. Still, there’s nothing like people relying on you to focus the mind and get going. One thing it definitely isn’t at the moment is cold. The humidity even at 0630 is quite high, making for a pretty oppressive working environment. Still, you’ll be pleased to know that unlike the other guys in the room, I keep my t-shirt on. Nothing to see here folks!!



  • Odds – 1 x Power Clean & 2 x Split Jerk
  • Evens – 5 x Bent Over Rows

Keeping at 70kg throughout, I maybe could have gone up to 10kg higher but my form wasn’t really cutting it this morning so I kept at a safe weight. I may work it some more later this evening, if I get the chance, but am not disheartened – not every day is a PR day!


4 Rounds For time:

  • 5 x Power Snatch (50 – should have been 60)
  • 8 x Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24″

Time: 5:38

Urgh….this was horrible. Snatches are my fundamental weakness anyway so I scaled from 60kg to 50kg. Still, it was hard. I managed the first round unbroken but the others were in 2s and 1s, wasting vast amounts of time. The Burpee Box Jump Overs were a killer, especially for the Snatches, but I maintained a strong pace on those to make up for the time loss elsewhere.


That’s 5 sessions this week in total. It’s not often I get that many in but I know the benefits I will see almost immediately. Bring on summer holidays though; wine, sunshine and a warm paddling pool!


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