13 Jul 15 – In a Change to Proceedings…..My Dad

I just want to give a bit of a mention to my Dad.

You see, all of this effort and determination stems largely from him. My earliest ‘motivation-related’ memory of him was when we got our first home computer, the ZX Spectrum 48k+ (oh, I am a proper computer geek too). It was tape-driven and would take age upon age to squeal its data in to the massive 48k of RAM, only for an error to appear and the whole thing to reset. I got really bloody frustrated one day and he came and sat next to me, asking what was wrong. I was almost in tears that it wouldn’t work and he just gave me this little pep talk to “keep trying”.

Over the years, he has supported my efforts in all walks, providing motivation and encouragement. It’s almost laughable now but I managed an 11 second flat 100m in Sprint when I was 16-17 years old. My parents would be there screaming me on at Sports Day; Dad would take me to the local park to train during school holidays, allowing completely random kids to line up against me, just so I could beat them. I knew he was so proud. My Dad was a physically fit guy himself when my age. I remember his 30s when he was running 10km races on the flat and across country, collecting medals everywhere – it’s entirely why I run obstacle course races. We would both go out running around our local area. He was also a top-grade RFU Rugby Referee and I was so proud to see him referee at Twickenham one year.

He and Mrs Nomad are pretty much the only readers of this blog; I don’t write it for anyone but me but it is nice that someone reads it. My Dad always comments on my little achievements in CrossFit and I know he’s secretly a little bit chuffed when I write that I’ve finally managed to Clean & Jerk 100kg or that I hit a 75kg Snatch in the garage.

Being military himself, my Dad inspired me to join the military and has been a guide throughout my career so far. We share the same core values and I owe him so much. Any command and leadership qualities I do have are almost entirely down to him being my role model from a young age.

He’s a little ill at the moment and it really f!@ks me off because he shouldn’t be. At his age he should still be doing those things that inspired me not so long ago. He’s showing proper stoicism but I know he’s in pain. With luck and a fair wind, he will be right as rain again soon and we can achieve some of the joint goals that we have set ourselves. Until then though, I felt it appropriate to just put a shout out to him and tell him that I’m there for him. I’m proud of you, Dad.


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