Sunday Snatch Day


What a confidence boost. More than 2 years unable to get my previous 1 RM and then I put it up in the air with strength and good form. When I achieved this before, 70 was safe but 75 was a mess. Today, in my garage gym, I took it slow, worked on component parts and focused on the set up. As with the Clean & Jerk, I have realised the benefits of forcing the breath down in to the pit of my stomach and keeping it there. I’ve changed my setup to keep my backside much lower, chest up and pushing down through the heels. It’s how I used to do it but have become sloppy in recent months.

So, a true Snatch 1RM. Nothing to write home about but as heavy as I can go. I failed at 77.5kg but it was mental; had I been in a place where I could ditch safely then I know I could have spent time working it.


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