29 June 15 – DT at CrossFit Highfields, Australia

With one day left in the Toowoomba area of Australia, I snuck out to CF Highfields, close to Borneo Barracks where we have been residing. Quite possibly the friendliest box I have ever been in, Simon has a superb facility full of true enthusiasts. Relatively new at a year old, CF Highfields is quite a large facility but with a pretty large athlete base, it fills quickly and the atmosphere is superb. There is real support for each other and they are incredibly welcoming.

After a comprehensive warm up, we attacked a 5 rounds of 5 x Overhead Squat + Max Effort Handstand Push Ups (well, not quite ME but close).

OHS: 40 / 50 / 60 / 60 / 60kg
HSPU: 20 / 15 / 10 / 10 / 10 (all strict and unbroken)

Then it was in to “D.T.”:

5 RFT:

12 x Deadlift @ 70kg
9 x Hang Power Clean @ 70kg
6 x Push Jerk @70 kg

Time: 16:34 Rx

I completed this about 3 months ago in my garage and crawled to a 18:51. Sure, in my garage I have to lower the bar carefully each time, which takes time and energy, but this was a 2:17 improvement!!!! Speeding through the first 3 rounds in under 9 mins, I hung on for the 4th round before just giving it all I had for the final. Seeing 16 mins on the clock with just 4 Push Jerks to go was a massive fillip and I was cheering in my head as I pushed out the final few.

So in the last few weeks, I have beasted Kelly, attacked and brought down Grace, thrashed Karen and now utterly destroyed DT.  There may have been no real improvements last year but this year has been monumental. Onwards and upwards, thank you CF Highfields today.

(I appreciate that my last paragraph makes me sound like some kind of woman bashing psycho but I’m really not, honest guv!)


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