24 June 15 – CrossFit Toowoomba. Split Jerks and GHDs.

As mentioned in the recent post, I headed out to another box today, CrossFit Toowoomba.  The very essence of CrossFit, to my mind, CF Toowoomba is a local box striving to improve the lives of local people. Run by Jo, it’s a well stocked facility and very well  run. It has a facility that I have never seen at another box too, an enclosed area for kids to play in!  Absolutely perfect for parents, I would love to see this replicated elsewhere. Not only can parents  train but it exposes kids to the normalcy of fitness training.

After yesterday’s Clean & Jerk success, coupled withlots of snatch work recently, my shoulders were fatigued but the WOD was all about Split Jerks and Jerk Drives. I worked up to a maximum Split Jerk of 102.5kg, narrowly failing on 105kg. From there we worked just the drive portion of the jerk but with another 7.5kg. I am quite happy with the amount of weight being shifted there.

To finish, we had a ‘not for time’ of:

50 x GHD SitUps
50 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups.

Not for time, my ass: 7.32 Rx

The GHDs were unbroken in under 2 mins but the C2B Pull Ups slowed me right down. I broke them in to 5s throughout but took far too long. It’s a weakness that I know about and have been working EMOM 10 Pull Ups since I arrived here, almost every day.
I will be revisiting CF Toowoomba this week, if for no other reason than to get a t-shirt. Great box, great strong coach.


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