Nomadic Australian Experience So Far

Well, it’s been a bit of a while since my last post but please don’t think I’ve been sat on my backside and avoiding the gym. Far from it.

Since arriving in Oz, I have visited 2 boxes (well 1 plus another that I’ll seek out today), completed at least 5 WODs and repeated my 1 RM C&J feat of 100kg.

To top that, however, I even got to meet Kara Webb, Australia’s Fittest Woman on my trip to CrossFit Roar in Brisbane. She was full of little tips and I know I’ve learned a bit more. Today, I’ll be finding CrossFit Toowoomba for a drop-in session. Should I make it that far, I’m even looking for one in Townsville in about a week’s time. Most people seek out the tourist areas and bars……I seek out the boxes.

Internet connection is a bit sketchy at best but I just wanted to let all my adoring and loyal fans (Mrs Nomad and my Dad) that I’m still on the trail and not allowing this once-in-a-lifetime trip get the better of me. Sure, there have been some beers and excellent food but I’m not getting carried away. More to follow soon.

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