10 Jun 15 – Creeping up the charts

I really didn’t sleep well last night and the sun beaming through the curtains at 0500 didn’t help. Hell, whatever, I got up anyway, had lazy time on the toilet with the morning news and then grabbed my protein, coffee and kit and then left (obviously, I washed my hands in there too!)

The headcoach at CFP denoted today as “Vest Wednesday” so out of the drawer came a quite honking red wife-beater that I purchased some time ago in the USA. I don’t have anything else but it suited the mood perfectly; I strolled in to find others in Rab C Nesbitt style vests so I didn’t feel too out of place. We warmed up with 3mins of 4 Pistol Squats & 8 Plate Ground-To-Overhead (20kg)s.


a)  10 min to a 2RM Back Squat.

100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 132.5kg

No increase to my personal record and this was an epic attempt just to get the 132.5 up correctly. Still, at that time of the morning I’ll take anything like that.

b) 3 x 10 @ 60% of a)

80 / 90 / 90kg.

Anyone with even basic mental arithmetic skills could work out that 90kg isn’t 60% of 132.5kg. I completed the first round of 80 no problem and the next guy got on. He changed it up to his weight but I didn’t notice and cracked on. I was gutted. I was gutted not because it was too heavy but because I should have done all three rounds at 90kg. I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome of this one.




  • 4 x Power Snatch @ 50kg
  • 4 x Toes To Bar

Complete, unbroken. I MUST get better at the heavy MetCons and this would have been a perfect opportunity to work 55 or 60kg. However, I stuck with 50kg and went unbroken throughout. I used the underarm technique for the Toes To Bar and this dramatically saved my shoulders for the snatch. Top Tip there people!


Getting back in to the office, I was expecting a full day ahead in preparation to an imminent trip to Australia (leaving this Sat for 3 weeks, including a few visits to CrossFit Roar, the home of Kara Webb!) However, there was less to do that we had anticipated and so I decided to attack Beyond The Whiteboard and see if I could get my ranking up a little. Knowing that I have actual work to do in the Heavy MetCons, there wasn’t a lot I could action this afternoon there. However, my Speed work has been neglected of late and so I picked Rowing (Concept II) Time Trials of 100m, 250m and 500m.

  • 100m: 17secs (PR by 0.7 sec)
  • 250m: 44secs (PR by 0.4 sec)
  • 500m: 1min 25secs (Equal PR)

I chose a Damper Factor setting of 137; knowing your DF is critical when moving between different ergo machines as they are all affected by variations such as age, grit and general wear. Knowing this setting allows you to set the flywheel accordingly and train at the same pace on different machines. Sure, these improvements don’t seem like much but for sprint TTs they really are and sure enough, my BTWB.com score has jumped up to 70 once more. Now I just need to stay there!!


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