03 June 15 – 7min Burpees / CrossFit Games Open 12.1

Sometimes there is absolutely no time in the day for anything but 7 minutes of Burpees.

This was the CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD and I remember the pain of completing it in my garden back near Exeter all those years ago. My achievement then was 82 and I was properly gasping at the end. I gave it another go about 2 years ago and score 105 in my living room.

Today, with no time to squeeze in anything but a swift 7 minutes, I headed in to the garden once more and just went for it.

2 years older, after a long day, with the twins shouting at me and tripping over my legs, I somehow beat my record by 3 and heaved out a 108 Rx. I am extremely happy with this as it is an 82nd Percentile score on Beyond the Whiteboard.com.

I feel utterly nauseous, sick and am shaking. It’s not often (ever) that I feel like this but I gave it absolutely everything I had this afternoon.


There’s always enough time for Burpees.


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