27 May 15 – Front Squats, Double Unders and More Overhead work – Loving this fatigued feeling!

In to the 0600 session again this morning although I only narrowly made it on time due to my poor preparation last night. Lesson learned? Probably not. Still, I got there with about a minute to spare and was straight in to the warm up, coffee (with Chocolate Orange Options in it!) in hand.

After yesterday’s double session of the Snatch, I was keen to get my shoulders moving again and so spent some time in the warm up focusing on that; should I get the chance today then later on I will work the second pull from the hang as well as overhead squats from a rack and the Snatch Balance.

But back to this morning….


10 mins to a 2 RM Front Squat

60 x 5 / 60 x 5 / 80 x 2 / 90 x 2 / 100 x 2 / 110 x 2 / 115 kg x 2

A new Personal Record in the Front Squat for a 2 RM by 2.5kg! It all felt pretty solid and sure, it was very heavy and fatiguing but I got it up there with good form. I contemplated trying for heavier but the very sensible and logical part of my head told me “enough’s enough, well done, finish”. I listened.


Every Other Minute for 20 mins (10 rounds):

  • 30 x Double Unders
  • Max Effort Ground to Overhead @ 70kg

Total GTO: 3, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 = 32

Knowing I failed to achieve the Double Unders last week, and still with sore achilles, I was tempted to substitute again. However, I can’t keep doing that and have to find a way through this. With that in mind, I cracked on but had a 25kg plate on the ground in order to do eccentric stretching between rounds. This worked a treat! Happy days! For the GTO, you can use any safe method you see fit to get that bar up and locked out overhead. I chose a Power Clean and Push Jerk throughout in order to save my shoulders and grip for the Double Unders. This ended up by far the best plan. 3 reps of 70kg each time was pretty much my limit although I managed to sneak in a 4th on 2 occasions. That’s 32 x 70kg = 2240kg shifted through the course of the WOD. It was intended as a strength / muscular endurance WOD and that’s exactly how I wanted to play it, not scaling the load today.

I am tired now, I’ll admit it, but if I can get another session in later this PM then I will do; volume is everything right now.


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