18 May 15 – Make the bad man stop…….

On seeing the WOD posted last night, I knew this was going to be brutal. I just didn’t realise how much. Writing this now, I am still feeling the effects of this morning’s WOD – this is just the way it should be. I’ve not worked like this for a long time and came away knowing I’d given it almost everything.



3 x Clean @ 80% 1RM

Result? No chance! There was not a chance in hell that I would be throwing 80kg up 30 times!! We all suspected a typo on behalf of the head coach. SURELY, this should have been EOM 10 in order to allow for some kind of phospho-creatine regeneration? That being said, we couldn’t check (he was in bed) and so decided to lower the volume (I went for lowering weight AND reps) and push all 10 rounds. I lowered to 70kg and while I could achieve the first 3 rounds with 3 reps apiece, it descended to 2 reps for the remaining 7 rounds. God knows what the coach was thinking but it was harsh.


For Time:

  • 100 x Thrusters @ 40kg
  • EMOM 4 x Burpees

Time: 16:54

Another bitch but entirely required to really get this week underway. I scaled from 45kg to 40kg immediately, knowing how this was going to go. The first 20 reps went unbroken, then a set of 10. After that, for the remaining 14 minutes or so it was broken in to 7s and 5s. The Burpees were the bloody rest period! By the time I got to the end, I was trembling and remained that way for about another 5 hours, well in to the day.

What a way to start off but I am pleased with the effort I gave and needed a kick up the arse like that.


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