13 May 15 – Active Recovery (very)

I remember after my first and only marathon, in Afghanistan (6 laps of Camp Leatherneck in 3:59:28), I was told to take a minimum of 2 weeks off to recover. After 2 days, I went back to CrossFit Leatherneck, thrashed myself and put myself in to the hurt locker for a further week.

After last weekend’s epic cross-country event, plus a few more years on my legs overall, a week should have been the minimum that I rested my knees and hips. But no. I want to look good for summer (just being honest) and hate taking time out. Plus, as an aside, I’m getting wound up with some of the crap I’m stuffing in my face of late.

So, getting up early today, I headed over to a pretty good military gym (am away on a project management, APMP course) to do a mainsite WOD – I’m starting to get back in to mainsite as I really do believe in ‘traditional’ CrossFit principals and not so much “strength & conditioning for CF competitions” which  is fundamentally different.


4 rounds of 4 mins:

Row 500m
ME Burpees for remainder

Total Burpees: 95

Sure enough, there was little in the tank but I kept at 1:50 / 500m, giving me 2 mins for Burpees each time (inc. transition on/off the rower). I achieved 22-25 Burpees each time, keeping good pace throughout.

Not feeling tired enough (*coff*), and wanting to continue on my Nomadic journey, I decided to drop in on CrossFit Southern Legion in the evening. Based in the North End part of Portsmouth this little box packs a considerable punch. Run by ex-Paras and Bootnecks, it is a really welcoming place but run to high standards. I met the owners on my CF Olympic Lifting course a few years ago but never before got down to their place. Despite being knackered, I’m pleased I did.


5 x 5 Back Squat

90 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100kg

Not my best score but hardly surprising. It’s very close though.


6 Rounds for Time:

5 x Clean & Jerk @ 60kg
10 x Bar Facing Burpees
200m Run

There. Was. Nothing in the legs. Utterly fatigued. Crawling around in 16:54, I was well beaten by guys I should have comfortably destroyed on any other day. The C&Js were harder than they should have been but it was the Burpees and Run that almost stopped me dead. After 95 Burpees this morning, I just laughed when I saw them again. Still, I ploughed on through and came out unscathed.

I know I should take a break after such a long run but it’s hard. I’m not in the shape I was while on ship last year and I truly hate it. I am not able to get fixed, regular, guaranteed training in these days and have to make the most of opportunities that I do have.

And I have to stop eating crap.


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