08 May 15 – Slow & gluey but high output. Not every day is a PR day.

So on Monday I managed a new 1RM Clean & Jerk with 100kg. This was followed on Tuesday by the Basic Fitness Test. Prior to these, 500 Double Unders had seriously damaged my Achilles again and so the last 2 days sitting in a car for over 4 hrs each time should probably have been a welcome rest. However, it was unwelcome. Hot on the heels of breaking my record on the Clean & Jerk, I really wanted to follow it up with something more. But it wasn’t to be. Wed and Thurs were spent driving 4 hours+, eating ‘unclean’ and getting poor sleep.

By the time I got back home on Thursday evening, the thought of getting up at 0545 really wasn’t all that attractive but I actually awoke refreshed this morning with a smile on my face, raring to go. Coffee in hand, protein and beta alanine downed, I was back in the car for the short burst to Faraday Mill. On seeing the WOD though, I wish I hadn’t…….


10 mins to a Max for a complex of:

  • 1 x Power Snatch
  • 2 x Hang Snatch
  • 1 x Snatch

Bar must not be released throughout this.

40 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 Fail / 55 Fail

Despite a good warm up, I felt all sluggish, gluey and slow. I couldn’t get in to a decent Snatch position and failed twice at 55kg. I shall repeat this portion of the WOD tonight as I know I can do much better than that.


CrossFit Games Regionals are upon us! Today’s MetCon is Regionals WOD 3 although I had to substitute various aspects of it, as you will see:

For Time (26min Time Cap):

  • Run 1 Mile (I rowed 1 Mile instead)
  • 50 x Overhead Squats (60kg RX, I used 45kg)
  • 100 x Sit Ups
  • 150 x Double Unders (I did 50 x Handstand Shoulder Touches)
  • 50 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull (same as Overhead Squats)
  • 100 x Box Jump Overs (24”)

By the 26min point, I had achieved 30 of the Sumo Deadlift High Pulls and was f@@ked. In that time, my first 1000m Row took 3:45, the 1500m was 5:40 and the 1609m was 6:09. These are not exactly swift but I was keeping the pace at ~1:50 per 500m. The Overhead Squats really sucked after the rowing, legs were toast. The Sit Ups gave my legs and shoulders a little breather before then crushing my shoulders with the Handstand Shoulder Touches. To follow that with Sumo Deadlift High Pull was just soul-destroying. My shoulders were fatigued, legs were on empty and core crushed. The substitution of the Rowing radically changed the workout and the effect on the other movements.

But, I worked really goddamn hard this morning. I just had a little voice in my head pushing me harder and harder throughout and not allowing too many breaks.

Tomorrow and Sunday, there is a team of us conducting a 24h relay race in Plymouth. Between 8, we will relay around a 5 mile cross-country course and should all expect to do between 3 and 4 laps over the 24 hr period. My Achilles haven’t recovered but I still think I’ll keep to an 8 min per mile output throughout and am aiming for a 2hr target for 15 miles.


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