05 May 15 – Basic Fitness Test

After the epics of yesterday, it was back to routine business today. While not able to get out to CF Plymouth, I did have my Basic Fitness Test today. Conducted annually, this is:

(In boots, trousers, belt and t-shirt),

  • 5 x Pull Ups (Strict), under control.
  • 50 x Sit Ups in 2 mins.
  • 1.5 mile Run (Squadded) in 15 mins.
  • 1.5 mile Run (Best Effort) in under 11.5 mins.

Given my age (35…for a few more days), I have only to perform 3 Pull Ups, 35 Sit Ups and a sub-13 min 1.5 mile Run.


Given my CrossFit hobby, I was only ever going to stick to the same standards that I had when I first joined the military, some 14 years ago.

All elements completed (5 Pull Ups, 50 Sit Ups) and a 9 min 41 sec Run. While not the 9 min 39 sec of last year, I am putting it down to a minor chest infection and some not-inconsiderable Achilles problems. I am very pleased with this run score. Last year’s was the fastest that I have ever completed it in my military career and to pretty much equal it this year is pleasing. I have it in me to beat that time but am not going to grumble as I’m coughing up all sorts of nastiness and still can’t move my right Achilles after the 500 Double Unders of a few days ago!

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