03 May 15 – Gorge Walking

Cold, wet, stumbling over slippery rocks, diving in to whirlpools, head down in a rushing Dartmoor river…..Gorge Walking is excellent!

As an anniversary present last year, Mrs Nomad bought me a Gorge Walking adventure and finally I got to cash it in. A week ago, the weather was up in the low 20sC, with no wind to speak of and Dartmoor was looking pretty tempting. Today, however, it was cold, raining and windy. It made no difference though as we changed in to our wetsuits, attached helmets and Go Pros and then made our way to the river edge at Meldon Quarry, near Okehampton. Once the water had seeped in to the 2-3mm wetsuit, things looked up and we made our way slowly upstream along granite boulders and pebbles.

As a test of agility, flexibility, strength and muscular endurance, it was pretty intense! Having to maintain balance on slippery rocks, being buffeted backwards by torrents of icy river water and often only having frozen finger tips to pull you back was a great workout in itself and a definite challenge.  We love exposing ourselves to new experiences like this and it’s definitely something that the little Nomads will get a chance to experience in the future.

Thank you Mrs Nomad!


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