24 Apr 15 – Awesomeness to end the week.

So pleased I took a rest yesterday. It was entirely the right thing to do. Seeing the WOD late last night, I knew it was in my lane. Lots of 200m Runs with bodyweight and light barbell moves meant I went to sleep actually looking forward to it. Sure enough, I woke this morning energised and far too enthusiastic for a Friday at 0545!


Every 90 secs, x 10

Snatch Balance

40 / 42.5 / 45 / 47.5 / 50 / 52.5 / 55 / 57.5 / 60 / 62.5 (F)

Despite the failure at 62.5kg, I am really happy with this. I don’t think I’ve ever done a Snatch Balance session but I know how important it is. 60kg is definitely good for me. I easily crushed 62.5kg Snatches but it was the Snatch Balance that I failed at. I know I can do it though and will just work at it.


0-5 Mins

Push Ups
200m Run

5-10 Mins

Box Jumps 24″
200m Run

10-15 Mins

Thruster 40kg
200m Run

Repeat entirely until 30 mins.
Only 2 x 200m per 5 min Round, rest to the end of the 5 min round, if time.

Well, holy shit. This was hard.
All rounds complete with at least 45 secs Rest except Thrusters. I completed 42 Thrusters first time round and 36 second time round. Sure, I could have slowed right down on everything but that’s not the point. I pushed it hard because I was right up with two top guys in the box once again. The same two guys as on Monday but this time I won out. One had to leave after 15 mins but I’d already dominated the push up and box jump rounds, he beat me on thrusters. The other tired early and I was able to pull ahead.

It doesn’t happen often but it is so motivational to be able to be up there and push myself as an equal.

Now, if I can just sort this strength out….


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