23 Apr 15 – Rest

I don’t usually blog my Rest days but then this wasn’t going to be one.
The WOD today was full of gymnastics and bodyweight work. After the last 3 days, I just decided that if ever the was a WOD to take risk on, it was this one. The gymnastics side of CF is my strongest part and I feel rest is required more.

From the moment I woke up I  was pushing the workout back instead of craving it. My legs and shoulders feel drained too. They’re not sore but there is a sluggishness going on. Sometimes you just know when to take a break.

Tonight, I’ll be down at the box going through some goal-setting plans with the owner and tomorrow morning I’ll be raring to go at 0600.

Until then though, I’ve learned a lesson about listening to the self. I am sure tomorrow’s WOD will be all the better for it.


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