22 Apr 15 – Nutrition Crash


Just a little update to today’s blogging on a subject that has upset me today and continues to.

Nutrition. Despite the best intentions and all the knowledge in the world, I still managed to stuff my face with bloody chips (sorry, Potato Fries to Americans) this evening. There they were in front of me and I had fuck all willpower to resist them; really quite disappointing but they tasted fantastic! It was Gluten Free Fish & Chips “treat night” as Mrs Nomad’s mother is leaving us tomorrow after a nice visit down with us. I told myself all day that I had to put the effort in to the WOD in order to justify the beautiful, golden, crispy battered cod but I wasn’t going to touch the chips. All day I told myself that. All day! Then one whiff of the salt and vinegar and I was like a half-starved tramp gorging myself on potatoes.

I keep telling myself that I’m working really hard and need to fuel the engine (when I over-eat) but I know it’s not the case. Sure, I’m working hard and while you can put cooking oil in to a high power diesel engine, you really shouldn’t.

And there is just a little Cadbury’s chocolate still laying about from Easter too. There’s 1 more Creme egg of mine and then it’s all gone until next year.

So this is me, once again giving myself a kick to sort this out!



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