20 Apr 15 – Back in to CF Plymouth, time to wake up and start the training!

Back in to the CF Plymouth Dawn Patrol this morning; up at 0545, coffee in the mug, kit on and out of the door before my eyes have really opened. Well, add to that a tub of Maxiraw Whey Protein Isolate and a handful of mixed nuts (Lidl) too.

The WOD looked pretty hideous but when doesn’t it? There was a pretty large gathering there this morning, including 2 of the top-end stars which is always good to have something aim towards, even if they are generally too far ahead to really worry about.

So, the strength portion of today:

Every Other Minute 20

  • Hi Hang Snatch
  • Hang Snatch
  • Overhead Squat

All without dropping the bar and working up to a maximum for the day. I started with 40 to ensure I actually got a score and then as I warmed in to it starting escalating. 40 / 45 / 45 / 50 / 50 / 55 / 57.5 / 60. Yes, there are only 8 rounds there and there should have been 10. My 9th and 10th rounds were at 62.5kg where I pretty easily managed the Hi Hang Snatch but then couldn’t get under the subsequent Hang Snatch. Still, it’s a new 1RM for me in the Hi Hang Snatch and, indeed, 60kg is not to be sniffed at for this workout either for me. Very happy.


5 Rounds For time:

  • 5 x Deadlift @ 100kg
  • 10 x Burpee Over The Bar
  • 15 x Chest To Bar Pull Ups
  • 200m Run

Time: 18:08 RX

I should note that while the WOD reads, “200m Run”, I know it to be actually about a metre under 250m. That said, 2 things made me very happy about this workout today. The first was that I managed to Rx the Chest to Bar Pullups, sensibly breaking them up in to 5s from the outset. I even no-repped myself on two occasions for chest not touching the bar. However, I completed 75 Chest To Bar Pull Ups today which is a huge achievement.

The second thing to make me very happy about this was that I somehow managed to beat (squeaked through by 2 secs) one of the top guys in the box and narrowly (by 10 secs) missed out on beating another. Rarely do I get the chance to compete against them and so this was a real boost for me. Sure, I suspect that at least one of them was merely using this as a warm up for something else but I know he was blowing out of his arse at the end and I don’t want to detract from my own achievement either.

A great start back with CF Plymouth and I hope this kind of success continues. There’s a Primal Games Masters competition on 09 Jul that I am now training for, having managed to find two people to let me in to their team for it.


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