17 Apr 15 – A quick 250.

With packing and planning going on, I had a little bit of time today and while I perhaps should have seen that this was too short, I went for it anyway:

For Time:

50 x Squat Jumps

50 x Push Ups

50 x KB Swing (single arm, alternating) @ 24kg

50 x Sit Ups

50 x Goblet Squats @ 24kg

Time: 9:46 Rx

The bottom of my quads / tops of my knees were quivering and moaning at the end of this! I was tempted to repeat it all with 25s but my legs were like jelly and there was no way it was happening. The KB Swings were a bit of an eye opener – I really didn’t know if I could smash out single arm swings with this but it wasn’t an issue. I broke them in to 10s and it went well. The squat jumps were perhaps the hardest element but that may be due to the lack of proper warm up beforehand.

Anyway, a long journey south beckons…….


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