13 Apr 15 – In a tent, in the dark, in the cold…..loving it

10 min AMRAP

10 x Burpees

10 x Lunges (Weighted @ 24kg)

10 x Kettlebell Snatch (alternating arms)

Total Rounds: 5 + 7 Burpees

Ok, Ok, I could probably have worked a little harder on this but I was in a cold 9×9 military tent, the wind howling through it and pretty much in darkness. It was still a great little WOD and I’m feeling the after-effects. If I can keep up these little WODs (that I’m taking from Bodeefit.com and changing slightly) for the duration then I’ll be in a good place at the end.

What wasn’t great was the 9” Horse P3nis that I ate for lunch!! Supposedly a curried bratwurst but I’m not sure. I was feeling sick almost immediately and it really didn’t sit well with me. 9” of extended girth pinkness, covered in a curry sauce. Why, oh why, did I not pick the turkey burger? By evening meal time, I wasn’t going to risk it again and settled for some sliced beef, a scotch egg and half a bag of greens. Oh yes, since being on here, I’ve been troughing about half a big bag of spinach / kale / greens throughout the day, especially at breakfast time. You can just feel the vitamins bursting through you after being in the rack overnight. Why don’t we do more of this? Why does it have to be cereal all the time? Answer, it doesn’t people!!


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