12 Apr 15 – On exercise somewhere up north. Kettlebell Time.

2 days of travelling and getting set up on exercise has left me feeling a little cranky and so I woke this morning excited to find some time to get out and crack some PT.

In a moment of relative calm, I managed to grab a 24kg Kettlebell and, after reading a recent The Box Mag article, opted for:


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 For Time:

Kettlebell Swings


Time: 9:47 RX

In the bright, albeit bloody freezing cold, sunshine, this was the perfect WOD to get the heart rate up. Unbroken throughout, I perhaps wasted up to 15 secs in transition between the movements as well as about 3-5 secs where I suddenly realised I’d done 12 instead of 15 Burpees and then had to quickly make up the final 3. It was my intent to do this completely unbroken and I found that more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I could easily have dropped the KB during the 18s / 15s but having crushed those the 12s and downward were pretty simple, mentally. This little bruiser left me gasping at the end and pleased that I’d achieved it unbroken.

More of this type of thing to follow over the next few weeks. 24kg isn’t as heavy as perhaps I need now but I did see some big rocks on the coast nearby….


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