09 Apr 15 – On the Road again…….

After working from home during leave last week and then a few sessions on camp, it was time to get back on the road. For the next few weeks, I am up north on exercise; will that stop me from getting some CrossFit in? Will it hell. Armed with some 24kg Kettlebells, there’s more than enough I can do to keep some semblance of conditioning regardless of time and space.

However, before I get to the northern cold-lands, I have a short stop in Lincoln and after recommendations from a friend I decided to check out LN CrossFit. What a top bunch they are! The session was run by Claire, an incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach who was more than happy to let me join in. What was supposed to be a pretty quiet Thursday evening session actually proved to be one of those days when everyone shows up! So, with a full Box of about 10 folk, we attacked:


4 x (not for time):

  • 11 x Overhead Squats (50-55% 1RM)
  • 11 x Ring Dips

40 / 45 / 50 / 52.5 kg

Having not done many OHS recently, except for the Open, I took this pretty carefully in order to work form. I know that overhead is a particular strength of mine and that I did well on that movement in CF Open 15.2. I perhaps could have started heavier but I was happy with what I achieved here. We were supposed to work 55% of 1RM but I didn’t know that so just worked up. I suspect my 1RM is somewhere closer to 85kg (55% would therefore be 47kg) so not too far off in the end.


10 RFT:

  • 9 x Sit Ups (AbMat)
  • 7 x Power Snatch (42.5kg)
  • 5 x Barbell Push Up

Time: 12:34 RX

Cheeky little WOD! The SitUps and Barbell Push Ups go so fast that you find yourself spending the majority of the time on the Power Snatches. I did the first round unbroken and then broke all others in to a 4 and a 3. Perhaps I should have pushed myself slightly harder on the Power Snatches as I felt I was breaking them up due to a plan, not because I was fatigued; something to think about in the future. I wasted very little time in transitions on this, remaining in a very small space to get all of this done. Time wasted on the Power Snatches perhaps but this was still a gassy WOD.

LN CrossFit are a great crew and I really look forward to visiting there again in the future.


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