07 Apr 15 – Time on the Barbell

Back in the work gym and alone once more. However, it is with a new enthusiasm for CrossFit that I undertake these lonely WODs and I was actually feeling quite excited about it. The CF Plymouth programming has picked up a little now and this was the first opportunity to action it. With an increase to the strength portion, the MetCon at the end was always going to take a bit of a bashing but strength is my focus at the moment so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself when the MetCons suffer a little.


A.  Every 90s x 5

  • 2 x Cleans (75kg)
  • 1 x Jerk (75kg)

Completed this with little trouble. It was hard and I know I was working close to max by the 5th round. Jerks not a problem throughout, only the Clean ‘wobbled’.

B.  3 x 3 Strict Press

65 / 65 / 65kg

Always pleased with overhead stuff. I’m pretty strong in this regard; could I have added another 1.5kg? Potentially but it’s always easier to say that after the event; I know I was working hard throughout though.

C.  15-12-9 For Time:

  • Cleans (Full depth @ 55kg)
  • Chest To Bar Pull Ups

RX weight for this was 70kg but there was no way that was going to happen! I scaled the weight to 55kg (CFP L2) but remained with the C2B Pull Ups as that is an area I wish to focus on. Despite dropping the weight right down, this still took me a whopping 12:04 to complete. The Cleans got very heavy, very fast. Not being able to drop the weights meant a lot of eccentric loading and fatigue that would otherwise have not happened on a rubber floor but it still took an age. The Cleans were broken in to 3s, 2s and singles. Likewise with the C2B Pull Ups. Still, I kept motoring through and some 4.5 hours later I am feeling the effects.


From here, I will be heading up north for the next few weeks. First stop will be in Lincoln somewhere and then off to Scotland until late in April. I aim to take 2 x 24kg Kettlebells so that I can at least keep the movements and strength training going while in Scotland. I’ll try to get to gyms while on the road on the way up there this week. Of course, I shall blog it all for the 2 people that read this. I assume my wife and my dad; thanks you two!! I’ll follow the CFP programming where I can, subbing where needed. This time away will give me a chance to focus on nutrition as well; it’s always easier to control your intake when there are less temptations around; it is my aim to increase protein intake simply through more eggs (as I did last year on ship) and a lot of raw greens – even if I have to take a trip out to find them. On returning at the end of Apr, I will try to continue this focus and get back on the wagon I was on last year; 100% Paleo……80% of the Time ;o)


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