26 Mar 15 – 5km Run and CF Open 15.5 Prediction

Aware that I’ve heavily neglected running recently, and with a charity event coming up in May, this is my second 5km run in 2 weeks. The first was over Dartmoor roads and was very heavy going, coming round in 24:36. Today’s effort was around home. Still over hills, roads and cross-country but this time I pushed hard to come round in 23:41. While it still wasn’t exactly comfortable, it was a far better run. I used FitPod’s 180bpm Epinephrine track to keep the pace high. I also worked on forefoot strike, keeping stride short and swift.

This time is in keeping with my general placing on Beyond The Whiteboard and pushes me back up to the 67th percentile.

With one more round of the CF Open to go, I am sitting on 56th percentile which vindicates what I said would happen. Namely, many of those who would have done RX in previous years opted for Scaled this year, skewing the overall rankings. What I’ve also seen is a drop off of some 20,000 people so far who started the Open but have not completed all WODs so far. I don’t know how many failed to complete all WODs last year and so can’t really make a comparison there but already far fewer will complete all WODs this year than completed them all last year.

What do we think 15.5 will bring?

Well, we’ve not had Burpees, Box Jumps, Thrusters or Rowing so far this year. It’s possible that rowing won’t feature as many people complained last year that their boxes didn’t have rowers but we shall see. We’ve also not had a chipper yet either. I think we’re looking at a long chipper For Time beginning with 100 Burpees, followed by 50 Box Jumps, 30 Thrusters and then perhaps finishing with Row for 50 calories.


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