24 Mar 15 – Clean & Jerk Practice

Today presented a great opportunity to spend time dedicated to working on the Clean & Jerk. After smashing through the lawn-mowing (in the rain and hail!), getting some vital chores done and sorting out some household stuff, it was down to the box for 2 hours of lifting weights.

It’s been a very long time since I hit the heights of 95kg Clean & Jerk and with the recent CF Open WODs containing Cleans and C & Js, I felt it best to take stock of where I actually am before I start making goals for this coming year.

After at least 30mins of warming up with a light bar, I started pushing the weight a little. 2 or 3 at 70kg became 3 at 80kg. A couple at 85 gave me some confidence to ramp up to 90kg. 1 good rep at 90kg and I wanted to go heavier. However, it was a failure at 95kg. I immediately dropped it back to 80 and started working up again. I hit 90kg nicely but again failed at 95kg; I got the bar up to the chest but didn’t have the confidence to pull myself under. Going back to 85kg, then 90kg, I practiced some lovely full-depth Cleans and the Jerks were good too. I knew it was purely psychological as 90kg went up ‘easily’ and cleanly but I didn’t want to end up feeling defeated. Therefore, another 2.5kg went on to push it up to 92.5kg.

TWICE I managed to pump out well-formed Clean & Jerks at 92.5kg.

I still had 30 mins to go and so dropped the weight right back down to 60kg. In order to work the hip extension, I spent the remainder of the time doing 3 x 5 Hang Cleans @ 60kg followed by 3 x 3 @ 70kg.

By the end, I was spent. It was a good session and something I need to be doing much more of. As I’ve said before, the benefits from being able to drop the bar are immense. Just knowing that you can fail if you absolutely need to gives you the ability to really push yourself. This will be a part of the development plan for this next year.


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