23 Mar 15 – Reshow of CF Open 15.4? Naaaaaah…….

Yeah, ok, I was going to redo 15.4 but after a weekend considering where I actually went wrong with it, I let it stand. A weekend of rest was in no way going to enable me to suddenly lift my bodyweight multiple times faster than I did on Friday. Sure, I might have sped up slightly on the Handstand Push Ups but even then the most I could probably have expected to improve by might have been 5 reps or so. At the same time, I may well have ended up injuring myself.

So, with all that in mind, I got in to the box at 0615 for “Test Week”.

Kicking off (after a great warmup, of course!) with:

15 mins to a 1RM Snatch

Total: 70kg

15 mins is NOT enough time to make a decent stab at a 1RM, especially at that time of the morning. I failed more than once at 60kg to hit the necessary depth but dropped the weight back down to 55kg and worked up again. Hitting 65kg, the time ran out but I knew there was a solid 70kg in there too. Sure enough, setting myself in the manner my good coach (Nick) has taught me, I threw 70kg and held it well. Ok….another 10 mins and I might have had a 75kg in there? Quite possibly.

Second part of the Monday testing was:

15 mins to a 1RM Back Squat

Total: 130kg

Again, 15 mins simply isn’t enough time. My 1RM remains at 135 after failing to match it today. I gave it my all but had nothing in the legs to shift it. I need breakfast before doing this stuff, especially after the glycogen demolishing Snatches prior to this.

To finish off:


30 x Snatch for Time @ 60kg

Time: 8 mins 31 secs

I’ve never done this Girl before and have been looking forward to it for a while. At 60g, it is so close to my 1 RM that it was never going to be a MetCon; I wanted to get an Rx score on the board though and so decided to make it 30 Singles, all well set up and executed. There is still value to this as a strength workout and to practice of the movement. The time I put up is actually 60% on Beyond The Whiteboard which is exactly where I expect to be anyway! Yes, I could have shaved perhaps up to 45 – 60 secs off it but the aim was 30 decent Snatches and I think I achieved that.


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