18 Mar 15 – Open 15.4 Guesswork

So what will CrossFit Open 15.4 look like?

This year, so far, we have not seen the long chipper nor the strength ladder. We have seen Snatches and we saw a 1RM Clean & Jerk in the beginning. We’ve not yet seen Burpees nor Rowing either. Given the introduction of the scaled event this year, I think we’re being lined up for something with a bit more of a gymnastic-skill too.

It is therefore my prediction that Friday will bring a strength ladder (either increasing weight or repetitions) interspersed with Burpees of some flavour, perhaps with either a 15.4a “extra” like Handstand Pushups or Pistols.

Therefore, to ‘put it out there’, I’m going for:

12min AMRepAP:

3 x Deadlift @ 225lbs

3 x Burpee (to 6” height)

6 x Deadlift

6 x Burpee

9 x Deadlift

9 x Burpee

12 x Deadlift

12 x Burpee


Followed immediately by:

1min AMRAP

Handstand Push Ups (Max Effort)

However, that’s a day or so away yet.

In isolation again, back in the work gym, I went for the CF Plymouth WOD today:

10 x 90s On / 90s Off

10 x Power Cleans @ 60kg

10 x Box Jumps @ 24”

10 x Jumping Lunges

Max Effort Toes To Bar

Scoring = Total Toes To Bar

First off, the RX (L3) version was with 70kg and so I immediately scaled to 60kg.

For 3 rounds, I made it in to the Toes to Bar, scoring 3 / 7 / 7 accordingly. In the 4th round, I didn’t get past the lunges. I was completely cooked. Instead of just ploughing on though and seeing what I could manage each time, I stopped. My elbow was hurting, my grip was going (after too many monkey bar swings the day before!) and I was feeling shaky on my feet in the box jumps. I’m going to put this one down to fatigue and just being ‘sluggish’. It wasn’t a great day….move on!


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