17 Mar 15 – Short and Sharp. 7min AMRAP

For the first time in 4 days I managed to get a workout in. I was aboard ship on Monday and tried desperately to squeeze one in but being confronted with that same dark, greenish light and the sand-in-the-flywheel ergos didn’t inspire me and I only managed some light clean technique work and about 3 mins of rowing at a sluggish pace.

Therefore, on getting in to the box today, I was pumped. I was intending to get a workout done, only to coach 2 sessions, but in the break between groups I decided to quickly smash out the 7 min AMRAP of the day:

7min As Many Rounds As Possible:

· 5 x Burpees

· 10 x Alternating Kettlebell Snatch (24kg)

Total: 7 rounds + 5 Burpees RX

Having spent the majority of the first session conducting repeated 50m Monkey Bar Swing demonstrations, handstands, cartwheels and broad jumps (while also coaching the Clean Complex and heavy Front Squats), I was pretty warmed up for this. I watched one of the guys, currently in top 25% of CF Open, and he achieved 7 rnds + 14 reps RX. This gave me a target and without any fuss or bluster, I set the clock while the 7pm were arriving / warming up and just went for it.

I like to think that I managed to maintain almost exactly the same pace throughout the 7 mins. The burpees were done in a calm and considered manner but with no breaks. All KB Snatches were unbroken too. There was almost no time wasted in transition; I just kept going at a steady and even pace. By the last 60 secs I was completely toasted but dug in to break through the 7 rnds and crack 5 burpees too.

It is worth mentioning that I also did the second round of burpees to 10 instead of 5 as I was just getting in to the rhythm and forgot. I won’t count those in the final score though, except to say that I should pay more attention! ;o)

A good workout, albeit short, but it keeps me in the game for Friday and Open 15.4. My personal prediction? Some kind of Strength ladder and Rowing.


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