13 Mar 15 – CrossFit Open 15.3

At 6 this morning, I got in to the box and was planning to do Open 15.3. Going through the warm up though, it was clear that I wasn’t really mobile enough or energetic enough to crack it. With that in mind, I spent the time getting stretched off with a view to doing it later in the day. I did take part in the strength portion of the CF Plymouth WOD, completing a new 6RM Front Squat with 90kg, but spent the MetCon time doing a single round of the Open 15.3 WOD to see just how long that might take and then gauge my plan accordingly.

Open 15.3

14 min AMRAP:

  • 7 x Muscle Ups
  • 50 x Wall Balls (20lbs to 10′)
  • 100 x Double Unders

Taking it pretty slowly and carefully, I completed a single round of these 157 reps in 60 secs and felt strong throughout. The double unders were a bit of a mess but I put that down to it just being so bloody early in the morning. I took a lot of comfort from getting it done in 6 mins, leaving me 8 mins to get a second round done.

Heading in to work, I was feeling really confident and was very much looking forward to getting it done tonight. I thought it really could bne my best WOD of this competition and a chance to genuinely propel me up the leaderboard, especially as so many people can’t do Muscle Ups and would therefore have to scale.

However, and isn’t this just typical of me and this year’s attempt to achieve a goal, I failed.

Completing the first round of Muscle Ups well, the Wall Balls fell to pieces immediately and I was no-repped at least 10 times, essentially adding another 10 reps to my 50 Wall Balls. I reached the double unders inside 4 mins and thought I could make the time up, no worries. Double Unders are something I’ve never had to worry about. And now I do. In 3s and 4s, I somehow made it to 100, creaking in at 6:44.

Trying to keep very calm-headed, I knew the next 7 Muscle Ups would really take it out of me but I was prepared for that. In singles, I took them on and completed them. The Wall Balls once again just added more time as I failed to hit the target repeatedly. By the time I got back to the Double Unders, I had 90 secs to go and gave it absolutely everything I had; keeping very calm and pacing it, I clocked up a total of 48 tortuous and laboured double unders in 90 seconds. What. The. Hell?

So what happened today? How did it actually start so well and then collapse despite me being really confident and happy going it to it? I don’t know. I honestly thought this was going to be ‘my’ workout.

For a total of 262, Beyond The Whiteboard is already placing me at 50% for this WOD, bringing my overall placing back down a little. Bugger. I should be happy that I even managed to RX it and to know that at the age of 35 (alright, nearly 36) I am still doing gymnastic movements and shifting weights about with relative ease should be a thing to be pleased with. But this is me and if I’m not whinging then I’m not writing, right?


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