09 Mar 15 – Open 15.2 Reshow

So….after completing 84 reps on Friday, I spent the weekend intent on bettering it today. I read lots of articles on the top tips and decided to retry it but at a slower pace. It was the chest-to-bars that killed me off so I wanted to save my grip; every C2B pull up was to be done individually, with the Overhead Squats broken in half.

Getting in there at 0615, I was full of energy (yeah, right!) and spent a lot of time on mobility and warm up. I waited for the main WOD to start and went for it.

Keeping everything at an even pace and the heart rate down as low as possible, I got through the first 3 mins 30 secs later than the first attempt last week but felt in total control. The second round of 3 mins (12 reps each time, this time) really slowed me down though and my grip started to go almost immediately. The Overhead Squats were simple once more, no dramas there. However, with just 20 seconds to go, I still have 6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups to go. There was no way I was going to make it but I went for it anyway.

Sure enough, I hit 85 reps (same as last year) on the button.

I am very happy though. I gave it my all on Friday, then revisited it with a completely different strategy and only just improved by 1. Therefore, there really was nothing more I could have done.

So, after 2 weeks of 5, I currently sit in the top 45% worldwide. This is completely skewed compared to last year due to the Scaled results now being listed but even so, I do feel happy at this point. Now I just have to keep inside this top 50%


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