6 Mar 15 – CrossFit Open 15.2

Remember 14.2? That.

3 mins to:

2 Rounds of:

10 x Overhead Squat (43kg)
10 x Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

If complete in 3 mins then rest until end of period. Add 2 reps per movement, repeat. If achieved in 3 mins, add 2 reps per movement, repeat…..etc

Last year, I achieved a not too shabby 85 reps. This was 3 short of the 88 that would have given me another 3 mins and many other reps.

On the back of a WOD at CrossFit Keelhaul on Thurs, I wasn’t going to perform this until Sat. However, a crippled car and resulting phone call outlining a £1500 spend meant suddenly cracking it with no real warm up and no preparation. I rushed it.
As per last year, overhead squats were fine. I completed 20 in the first 3 mins and then the 24 in the second 3 mins. It was the chest to bar pullups, again, that broke me. I went unbroken for the first 10, splitting once in the second 10. For the rounds of 12 it was all over the place.

84 was my final total, 1 less than last year. With no preparation, I had jumped in to this at the last minute and then given a 69th percentile score. Had I just broken through the second 3 mins then I would have had another 3 mins to smash out at least 14 overhead squats and perhaps a few chest-to-bars. The tactic to achieve that? Break up the Pull Ups from the beginning, save the grip and keep the heart rate down. I’ll repeat this WOD on Monday, trying out this new tactic. If it doesn’t work, I have achieved a respectable score and won’t be upset. If it does work then I really could have a chance to leap frog up the leaderboard. I think I can do this.

I must admit, I’m enjoying this year’s Open, despite the lower placings overall. CF Plymouth are a great bunch and I’m really relishing being a part of it.

More to follow.


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