27 Feb 15 – CrossFit Open 15.1

I had to rely on a few sleep aids to get over the inevitable racing heart and wandering mind that happens the night before Open WODs. It’s too late to worry about my goals now. It’s time to just give it my best and hope there’s some way to quantify my progression afterwards.

Open WOD 15.1

9min AMRAP

15 x Toes to Bar
10 x Deadlift @ 52.5kg
5 x Snatch @ 52.5kg

Then immediately

6 mins to a 1RM Clean & Jerk

As soon as it appeared, one thing struck me – forearm / grip death. The Toes To Bar just drain the arms of blood and leave nothing for the Snatch. Therefore, the hook grip is of critical importance in the Snatch and Deadlifts. The core takes a beating in the TTB if done strict, making the kip important there in order to generate momentum.
The Deadlifts…..well at that weight they just seem to be there to relieve the pressure before throwing weight above the head.

Sure enough, this is how it played out. The first round of TTB was unbroken, same for DLS and Snatches. 1 min 8 sec for the first round. I broke the second round of TTB in half, DLs unbroken and Snatches in singles.
From then on, the TTB were in 5s and less. My grip just couldn’t keep me on the bar. The core was completely fine and I ended the 9 mins with 118 reps, 2 short of 4 rounds. It was entirely the forearms on the TTB which broke me on this. Even the Snatches were fine by using hook grip throughout. I forgot to use hook grip on Deadlifts and if I were to repeat the WOD then this what I would change.

Loading the Clean & Jerks, I wasn’t gassed and knew I could try to make up some score with this. 70kg flew up into a perfect Cleans and then a safe Jerk. Score secured. 80kg. No problem. 85kg. Fine. 87.5kg…Power Clean and Good jerk.

90kg….far heavier than I’d expected for this……

Muscle Power Clean!! Nice jerk too.

I don’t think I could have gone heavier but it tells me that I do have 100kg in me. I cannot wait to smash that.

So, 15.1 – 118 reps and 90kg.

Thank you to my little supporter crew (including a Masters Regional athlete) as I performed this alone in CF Plymouth. Fantastic box with great attitude.


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