26 Feb 15 – Hang Power Snatches


Just me and my notebook today. Usually a recipe for lower quality work but something is alight in me at the moment and I kept pushing and pushing. With the Open beginning tomorrow, I didn’t want a MetCon so reached in to the Mainsite for guidance. 5 x 3 Hang Power Snatches appeared only 2 or 3 days ago and with my previous fear of Snatches it seemed perfect.

I set a target of 50kg but quickly found this to be a bit light so upped to 52.5. After 4 rounds of that, I knew I could do better.

Resetting for 5 mins, I began again but with 55kg. Tougher. With 2min Rest between sets, I felt the strain in round 3 but tightened up for 4. Heavier? Why not. Up to 57.5 and I’m pleased to say that it paid off. That is my new 3RM for Hang Power Snatch and is actually a 72nd percentile score too!!

I’ll be judging 15.1 tomorrow morning with a view to completion in the evening. Let’s do this. Good luck everyone.


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