24 Feb 15 – Second day on the bounce….awesome expands

After a long day and a cancellation, I headed over to CF Plymouth for the late session. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest; late in the evening is almost akin to first thing in the morning. Tired, grouchy and pretty stiff from sitting in front of a computer all day, I got there half hour earlier to get some proper mobility and stretching done. This proved to be pretty spot-on as the session was a resounding success overall.

EOMOM 5 w/ 65% 1RM

  • 1 x Clean
  • 1 x Hang Clean
  • 1 x Front Sqaut
  • 1 x Push Jerk
  • 1 x Split Jerk

65% 1RM for me should have been 65kg but I decided to up it to 70kg. Finding that….ok…I pushed it to 72.5kg and began with that. Not. A. Problem. Each rep was well executed although I was close to maximum for the final few and know that I really pushed myself.

10mins to a 3RM Back Squat

100 / 112.5kg

We spent far too long gassing and messing about in this but even so, 112.5 is a new 3RM for me so I’m pretty pleased. Yeeeeeah, I might have been able to haul out a 115kg but it would have been terrible technique and I’m pleased I stopped when I did. Still, it’s a new PR for me which is a positive sign.


21-15-9 For Time:

  • Deadlift @ 100kg (225lbs)
  • Pull Ups

A common enough workout, I knew this would be really painful (cardiovascularly) but soon over. I have completed Diane (Deadlifts and Handstand Push Ups) in record time aboard ship and this gave me confidence that the deadlifts on this would be the least of my worries.

The first 21 Deadlifts went unbroken. I then flew through the first 11 pull ups, getting in to a really good butterfly kip. It fell apart at that point though and I continued with a regular kip, completing the first round in 1:30. The second round of deadlifts were broken in to 5s which was a shame, I should have gone unbroken again but perhaps breaking them up was the best thing to do. It was the same with the pull ups; breaking them in to 5s worked well. The final round took it out of me and I was racing against the clock to keep it under 6 mins (my target was 7). It was the final round of the pull ups that really slowed me down and I know that with a bit of practice I’ll get to grips with the butterfly kip and really see some benefit. However, I was ecstatic to get round in 5:55 RX. This is 72nd percentile on Beyond The Whiteboard and I really gave it my all in that. Sure, it’s not the 75th percentile but we know that’s going to be unachievable this year. Any improvement on last year will be good though…..


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