18 Feb 15 – The One Armed Bandit

36 mins EMOM.

1st – 5 x Handstand Push Up, 10 x Pistol Squats
2nd – 10 x Snatch @ 50kg
3rd – 200m Run
4th – Rest

Pistol / One-Legged Squats are one of those skills that I’ve never found time to get good at. They’re good to have but what function will they really serve me on their own? I went for the progressive option and used an upright support to assist.

With Medial Epicondylitis in my left elbow (Golfer’s Elbow), I sensibly chose not to go for full Snatch but used a 20kg Kettlebell and did single -armed variants. It’s not something I would do regularly in order not to create an imbalance but it certainly served me well in this case.

The “200m” is actually 240. I managed to squeeze each of the 9 x Runs in to under 60s but not with a sensible margin.

All in all, this was a tough WOD and I think I scaled well.


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