16 Jan 15 – And sometimes it just clicks…..

As you avid and regular readers know *coff*, there are days when things just don’t go as I planned regarding my fitness development. I don’t hit the targets I set for myself and ultimately, I’m not going to achieve the goal that I set back in Mar 14.

However, on some days, despite lack of sleep, no breakfast and generally low expectations, it just comes together and clicks.

Alright, I’ve not suddenly become Jason Khalipa or Rich Froning but you sometimes get those little purple patches where you over-achieve against the expectation of the moment.

Today was one such day and I’ve been feeling awesome about it all day long.


5 x 1 Clean & Jerk @ 85% 1RM

Rest 60 secs

85 / 85 / 85 / 85 / 85

For those of you good at maths, you’ll see that if 85kg is 85% of my 1RM then surely my 1RM is 100kg? Well….not quite. I still haven’t achieved those dizzy heights but I’m slowly working on it. My “solid” 1RM is 90kg while I have collapsed in to a 95kg only once before.

That didn’t stop me getting quickly to grips with this one though. In fact, I was in a bit of a rush and while warming up forgot that I had the Jerk to achieve too! Therefore, when we started, I’d not warmed up the Jerk at all but still managed to get it overhead with minimal fuss. I’ve always been of the opinion that while I’m a rank amateur, if I can Clean it, I can Jerk it. This appears to be the case. Last week, I managed 80 / 82.5 / 82.5 / 85 / 85 and so I am pleased with this progression this week.


4 Rounds for Time:

10 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

20 x Push Ups

30 x Sit Ups

40 x Air Squats

50 x Double Unders

Time: 19:42 RX

We had a 20 min time cap and I was the only person to sneak under it in our group today, completely the whole WOD. This was very pleasing as although the early morning group may not have the strength, they are all athletic folks who do well on the bodyweight stuff.

I have got the palm grips back out of the bag for the pull ups. It saves the skin coming off and just buys me a few extra seconds that I’d otherwise spend nursing sore hands. The C2B Pull Ups didn’t slow me down too much although only the first round was unbroken. The Push Ups were unbroken for the first 2 rounds but split in half for the second 2. The Sit Ups were unbroken for first 3 rounds, broken for the last and the Squats just got chugged through in a relatively slow and even pace. As for the Double Unders…..I’ve long accepted that you have to be in a calm and focused manner to achieve these and I think I largely managed this. Sure, there were a few stumbles but by and large this was the ‘rest’ period.

To get in under the 20mins (and be the only one of 8) was a real bonus for me and I look forward to seeing some of the other scores from the day to see how representative it was.

This week I will make it to CFP on Wed and Friday too, with a 20 miler route march across Dartmoor on Thursday. A big week!

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conditioning, motivation, determination, clean, jerk, chest to bar, pull up,
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