Power Snatches and the Right Attitude


CF Plymouth WOD today had Snatches, Power Cleans, Box Jump Overs and Back Squats…..not all in the same WOD but over different aspects.
I was intending to take it all on in the base gym but a family mini-mergency meant leaving at short notice and heading home for poorly child minding duties.
Having the garage setup meant I could at least get something done so I headed up there when I got the chance. The intent was to follow all except the Back Squats because I don’t have a rack. It was also the plan to video Snatches after having received feedback last week.


While I could perform pretty decent Power Snatches and relatively ok Overhead Squats, I couldn’t string it together in to a full Snatch. Also, a simple 50kg felt far heavier than it should have done. I was feeling pretty despondent and was about to sack it and call it a day when I turned around, cranked the music up and started lifting again. It wasn’t until I got back in the house later and opened “Starting Strength” again that I saw the reason it wasn’t coming together. Yesterday’s high volume (albeit not high weight) Deadlifts took it out of me and I simply haven’t recovered. In the 6 rounds of 9 x 100kg yesterday, I completed a total of 5400kg moved over 1m in 18mins. Not to mention the Burpees too (6 x 82kg x 6 rounds = 2952kg over 1-1.2m). That’s a phenomenal amount of work and to try and get Snatches in today just wasn’t a good idea. It has made me question the programming a little and I’ll seek advice from Mr Pivotal Training USA.

Anyway, that being the case, I still wanted to work technique and get a good little WOD in too. Therefore:

Every Other Minute (x5)

  • 5 x Power Snatch @ 50kg
  • 5 x Overhead Squats @ 50kg

This was harder than it should have been and I was ready to throw in the towel during round 3 but picked the bar back up and pushed through it. EOM and EMOMs are superb ways to develop the ‘engine’ and this was a heavy one too. I certainly felt it afterwards.

On Thursday morning we have our 8 mile Combat Fitness Test. 8 miles with 55lbs over broken terrain in 1hr 50mins. With that in mind, I won’t go too hard tomorrow but will get some videos done for Pivotal Training with no more than 50kg. Those last week with 40kg were too light and unrealistic.

I’m pleased with the attitude today though actually. Working out on your own in a garage gym in the cold can be pretty unmotivating and demoralising but I knew I had to get some work done and didn’t shirk from it.


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