09 Feb 15 – Cleans, Jerks, Muscle Ups, Running, Deadlifts….what’s not to love about this!?

Ah, back in to the routine.

Up at 0545, out the door 10 mins later with black coffee in hand and a protein shake (PhD Mass) already downed, the sky was already lightening as the days start to lengthen.

There was a bit of ice on the car but that soon cleared as I crept out of the street and onward to CrossFit Plymouth for the Dawn Patrol session.

I am still amazed at the high turnout making it to these morning sessions; I think there were 11 today!

After a Swedish-PT-style warm up and measuring of the 200m loop, we went in to Strength portion:

5 x 1 Clean & Jerk at 85% 1RM

90s Rest in between

80 / 80 / 82.5 / 82.5 / 85kg

Had this been later in the day and with slightly longer to get mobile, I am convinced I could have completed the whole lot with 85kg. As it is, I am not too upset with this one. Each rep was relatively fine and there was no real struggle. Perhaps I could have upped the weight to 87.5 or 90? Who knows, it was early and bloody freezing in there.

18min AMRAP

200m Run

9 x Deadlift (100kg)

6 x Burpee

3 x Muscle Up

Total: 5 rnds + 2 x Muscle Ups.

I knew that the Muscle Ups would slow me down and I could have opted to scale with everyone else in the room. However, I also know that the Open is coming up and MUs will probably play a bigger part in it than they have previously. Therefore, I made myself RX this one and am pleased that I did. With an extra 10s I could have squeezed out another MU but that’s just the way it is. It was a tough workout but I can still feel it now, some 9 hours or so later.


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