07 Feb 15 – Saturday Morning Competitor Session at CF Plymouth

Having just got back in to the country, I really wanted to get a WOD done. I was supposed to be judging this morning but it all changed so I used the time wisely and entered in to the CF Plymouth Competitor session.

The first part of the session was taken from CrossFit Open 14.2.

  • 3 mins to complete 2 rounds of 10 x Overhead Squat (45kg) and 10 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups.
  • If completed in the 3 mins, repeat but with 12 reps of each.
  • if completed in the 3 mins, repeat but with 14 reps of each.

I finished this in early 14 by completing a total of 85 reps. However, the C2B pull ups really slowed me down. As with another recent WOD, I was jumping up on to the bar each time instead of setting up boxes beneath it. This makes a huge difference but not enough to account for my total today of only 70 reps. Disappointing to say the least but where I’ve put on more muscle mass, I’ve not maintained that upper body strength; at least, this is my conclusion at this stage. It was also BLOODY cold in there too. The overhead squats were easy and completed unbroken throughout.

The second workout this morning was much better and deeply pleasing.

18min AMRAP

  • 15 x Box Jumps (24″)
  • 12 x Push Press (52.5kg)
  • 9 x Toes to Bar

This is CF Open WOD 12.3 and my previous best was an alright 7 rnds + 1 Box Jump. Today I destroyed that with 7 rnds + 28 (1 x Toes to Bar). I know I’ve been hard on myself throughout this year but I have made improvements in many areas (Diane & CF Open 14.5, for example); like the deeply annoying and thoroughly frustrating Welsh Rugby Team, I lack any form of consistency. Today I pushed myself very hard on the second WOD, controlling my breathing and taking no rests. I need to be able to do that in every session.

Anyway, it’s time to tuck in to the Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange with Mrs NC šŸ˜‰


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