19 Jan 15 – Monday in the freezing cold, just the way to start the day!

Well that was cold on a harsh scale! I knew from the weather report last night that it would be cold and fortunately I laid out my Skinz in preparation.

The hot coffee was most welcoming (mainly to my hands) as I arrived at CFP. The coach was wrapped up in the biggest scarf I have ever seen; to be fair to the scarf, the coach is pretty wee (albeit mighty strong!) so it might have just been a scale/perspective issue!

We got off to a good start with a comprehensive warm up before kicking off the work with:

5 x 2 Hi-Hang Cleans (5min EMOM)

75 / 75 / 75 / 75 / 75

My 1RM Hi-Hang Clean is 80kg, I think (I’d have to check back) and given the time of the morning and temperature, I was content with this. I could have pushed to 77.5, maybe 80kg but it wouldn’t have been good quality.

Throughout this was done without putting the bar back down again during the 2 reps. I like EMOMs because they make me work harder than if left to my own devices.


5 RFT:

400m Run

10 x KB Clean & Jerks (2 x 20kg KBs)

Time: 18:50

These were supposed to be done with full Cleans and the coach even made that clear. However, it transpired after the first round that I was last (despite thrashing the first 400m well ahead of everyone else)! On looking round, I realised that every single other person (11 others) were doing Power Cleans only. The ‘jerks’ were push presses or strict presses with very light weights that people had scaled to. I was already scaling from 24kg KBs to 20kg as it’s a movement I have really done before but resorted to Power Clean and then fought really hard to work my way back up through the ranks. Well, “worked hard” in my own Nomad way. I took too many breaks during the Cleans. I had chased and overtaken two particular individuals and then just seemed to ‘cruise’ too much. I don’t think I could have shaved more than 45-60 secs off in total but it was still wasted time that could have been better used. That first round was significantly slower than the rest due to full Cleans instead of Power Cleans.

As of now, my Beyond The Whiteboard score is stubbornly refusing to budge above 67 / 68. This is due almost entirely to my “Speed” score being so low at 47; these are the 250m / 500m Row times, 100 / 200m Sprint times, etc. I should get in to the gym and smash these out over the next week or so to see if I can improve those and then bump my score up accordingly.


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