26 Jan 15 – Front Squat increase….MetCon stagnates

20150116-CFP Score

Last night was yet another night of poor sleep. Despite getting in to bed at around 10, the girls were awake at midnight and had to be helped back to sleep. From then on, I woke at 3, 4 and 5:30. I have no idea why.

Despite this, I was up at 0545, coffee made and protein drunk before heading to the Box full of enforced positivity. I knew Front Squats were on the menu and I knew I wanted to keep the progression up in this area.

After a fun warm up and some decent stretching, it was on to the rack and Pat & I worked up quickly to the 100kg area.

4 x 6 Front Squats at 75% of 1RM

100 / 100 / 100 / 100kg

My 1RM is still officially 115kg for the 1RM and so 75kg is 98kg. Of course, I rounded that up. It was HARD. I can honestly say that I don’t think I could have gone any heavier here today and I was pleased with the outcome.

Max Effort Front Squats at 60% of 1RM

17 reps at 85kg

Pat pushed out a strong 15 at 75kg and I knew the gauntlet was down. I therefore had to do all I could to do more than that and with a higher weight. Sure enough, I hit 10 and could quite easily have caved in. 15 was an epic struggle but that voice in my head (which doesn’t stop by nearly enough) decided to pop up with a few words of encouragement. Somewhere from the deep, another 2 reps were found but that was it. I put the bar on the rack and collapsed in a heap on the floor for 10 secs before pushing myself back on to my jelly legs.

18min AMRAP

15 x Box Jumps

12 x Push Press @ 52.5kg

9 x Toes To Bar

Total Rounds: 6 + 23

Had I recognised this beforehand, I would have looked it up and seen my previous score. But I didn’t. It was CrossFit Open 12.3. Except this time I was about 3/4 of a round worse off. 7.4 rounds last time, 6.7 rounds this time. Sure, my legs were fried from the Front Squats and I had accidentally loaded the bar with 55kg instead of 52.5kg but still; I was happy with the score until I saw the score of the later sessions…..10+ rounds was common with a 14 being the best score. Sure, I topped out the morning group but when I put it in to Beyond The Whiteboard, it showed my score as only on the 62nd percentile world wide.  The Box Jumps were all mostly bounding and I am happy that there has been lots of progression in that regard. The Push Presses were unbroken for the first 3 rounds but broken up in half or thirds for the latter 3. The Toes To Bar were unbroken up to round 4 and then broken in to 6/3 for the final 2 that I completed.

When it comes to the CF Open 2015 (which I signed up for yesterday), I will have to ensure I am rested beforehand. I know I can’t realistically achieve my goal and that perhaps it really was totally unrealistic but I am intrigued to see just how much I have developed and in what areas.



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