Wed 13 Jan 15 – Angie’s return and some (fatigued) Snatch practice

Taking a class of Oly Lifting this afternoon, we worked hard to improve on last week’s Clean & Jerk technique, following on with starting the Snatch from afresh. Both the other guys got it well and made superb progress immediately. We only worked the Power Snatch and Hang Power Snatch due to restricted thoracic and ankle mobility in both. Hip extension requires a lot of work for all of us but that is something to build on.

6 x 1 Snatch

60 / 60 / 60 / 60 / 60 / 60kg

No improvement on last week but I’m not that surprised. Shoulders are very fatigued from yesterday’s Power Snatches and Toes To Bar. Hips felt like glue and I could get no real extension or power there. I attempted 62.5kg twice but only managed Power Cleans; they were pretty decent but still showed a lack of speed under the bar and a degree of under confidence with the bar in hand.


  • 100 x Pull Ups
  • 100 x Push Ups
  • 100 x Sit Ups
  • 100 x Squats

Time: 21:40

This is my worst time ever by 2 secs and some 2 mins slower than my best. The pull ups took 2 mins longer than the last time I attempted it and it has to be mostly because of the fatigue from the Snatch work. The rest of the workout was done and at a pretty rapid pace; 300 reps done in 11.5 mins after the Pull Ups.

Rest day tomorrow. Protein and far too much travel around the country coming up. 6 hours in the car will require some severe mobility work with the hockey ball and foam roller. Can anyone say, “Myofascial Release!”?



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