09 Jan 15 – End the week on a high with Back Squats, Power Snatches and and AMRAP.

Up at 0615 again but what a reception when I got in to the box! There were 12 people attending this morning; this is exactly what I wanted from CF Plymouth. I need that competition on a regular basis in order to push myself to develop. Downing my coffee in my new Batman mug (cheers Mrs Nomad) as we went along, we began with:

Back Squats, 6 x 4 @ 82% 1RM

80 / 85 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 115

My official 1RM is 145kg but I’ve not achieved close to that in recent times and so stuck with 140kg as a ‘working’ 1 RM. Therefore, 82% is 115 and that was my target today. With good form and positive attitude, I achieved this with my final set of 4. Certainly, I should now be looking to achieve this with 2-3 rounds, eventually all 6. However, I am finding that we are not being given enough time to genuinely work up to that kind of weight before the workout begins; this is a product of CF in general where we try to fit in so much to a single 90 min period.

EMOM 10 – 5 x Power Snatch

Every Minute for 10 mins, 5 x Power Snatch with a weight of our choice, focussing on form. I chose 40kg for this and perhaps could have gone to 45kg. My aim was to complete all 5 unbroken each time, just “touch’n’go” throughout. I achieved this and really worked on the hip extenstion to drive that bar up. I was pleased with the performance.

10min AMRAP

  • 3 x Thruster (45kg)
  • 20 x Double Unders
  • 6 x Thruster
  • 20 x Double Unders
  • 9 x T
  • 20 x DU
  • 12 x T
  • 20 x DU
  • etc

Left achilles is still not healed but what do I do? I’ve lived with this weakness for a very long time (18 years almost) and it has never healed despite perpetual and ongoing physio; I think I just have to manage it appropriately and work it when and where I can. With that in mind, I did the Alfredson protocol with 16kg to stretch it out prior to this and will do it again this evening as normal. I wasn’t sure how far I would get through this but it was may aim to see how far I could get unbroken; I surprised myself. I got all the way through 12 x Thrusters completely unbroken, broke once during 15s and twice during 18s. Breathing was controlled throughout although obviously the Double Unders did their best to scupper that. My final total was the 18s and all 20 Double Unders. Therefore, in 10 mins, I achieved 63 Thrusters and 140 Double Unders.

This has been a good week and I am looking forward to a bit of a rest; I may do some light work in the garage over the weekend, especially as I am not able to train on Monday.

Nutrition has gone well this week too. Lots of protein (turkey, beef and chicken), tonnes of big, green veg and plenty of fluids. There have been no starchy carbs, refined sugars or wheat products except those as part of ingredients to sauces that I largely can’t control without being a douche about it. 

I am debating allowing myself a small drink this evening; I have seen good physical results in just this first week, almost wiping out the ‘damage’ of Christmas so do I deserve it? You decide….answers on a postcard (or to comments below).


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