8 Jan 15 – Holy Hell that was tough and very awesome!



For a Thursday Gymnastics Skills day, that was EPIC!!

EMOM 10 Muscle Ups: With limited time, I performed a quick warm up but decided to use the Muscle Ups as a good stretch off in itself; I was very pleased with the 3-4 reps each minute (for 10 mins). Because I was performing this on a Beaverfit rig, I was unable to generate a decent kip and couldn’t string any together for fear of smashing my head off the bars overhead. Therefore, each rep was pretty much strict which certainly added an extra flavour to things. Total: 34 Muscle Ups

Handstand Hold and False Grip Pull Up Hold, 20 secs on, 20 secs off ( x 8): Handstands are never an issue and were almost a rest. The False Grip Holds, especially after the strict Muscle Ups previously, were nasty. Proper nasty. I didn’t complete these for 20 secs each at any point, breaking them in to 10sec portions except for the last round where I managed a 15 and a 5.

Pull Ups (Strict), Plank, Ring Dips and Hollow Rock Hold (4 Rounds): Tired arms by this stage. Pull Ups were 11, 8, 7, 6 while Ring Dips were 11, 7, 7, 7. With the pull ups and ring dips, there’s only so many you can do before fatigued, there’s no pain involved. With the Hollow Rock Holds, however…..ouch! Holding that position because torturous but necessary. All completed as Rx.

4 Rounds for Time: Pistols, Hand-Release Push Ups and Box Jumps: By the time I got to this, there was no chance it was going to be fast. However, my focus has been on just getting it all done unbroken of late and that is how I performed it throughout. Controlling my breathing and taking no breaks, I managed a not too disrespectful (given the work leading up to this) 7 mins 41 sec. the pistols (single leg squats) were progressive in that I have to hold on to a pillar for balance; full depth was achieved

Leaving the gym, I was fatigued, very fatigued. An excellent session throughout though and with one left of the week, I am feeling ready for the weekend!


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