6 Jan 15 – Strong Day, fast WOD



Back in to the base gym today and I was a bit wary over this one. Snatches are my ultimate weakness, truth be told. My proper 1RM is a mere 70kg with a dodgy Power Snatch at 75kg some 12 months or so ago. Since  then I have not taken the Snatch seriously enough and have shied away from it. This was therefore a great opportunity to put that right. I don’t know where it came from but there was a degree of determination in my head that I’ve not seen for a while.

Starting out at 40kg, I performed about 10 in total, maintaining good form, videoing myself with Coach’s Eye and adjusting accordingly. I ramped up to 50kg and then to 55kg. Having cracked 5 at 55kg, I added 2.5kg and pushed out 5 strong, well-formed Snatches. Too easy. Up I then went to 60 and through sharp focus I managed a good set of 60kg. Given that the workout was for 6 x 1 at 80% 1RM, I could have been forgiven for staying at 57.5kg (80% of 70 is 56kg). Indeed, 60kg is 80% of 75kg and so I feel quite confident working the Snatch again.

On to the Front Squats. Not really worked these since coming off ship where I made some solid gains there (5-7.5kg over 6 weeks). My 1RM is 115kg and so 87% of that is 100. Not to be satisfied with a strong Snatch performance, I decided to up the weight slightly and push to 102.5kg for 3 x 3 Front Squats. This was after 2 x 3 at 100kg. Using Coach’s Eye again, I am happy with my form on this and very content overall with today’s lifting!

My aim for the MetCon was to crack it all completely unbroken and with no breaks. This I did in a time of 4mins 21secs. It won’t break records but everything was done exactly as planned with no pauses; ok, the pace might have been quicker but my aim was to do them unbroken and I achieved it. It was quite pleasing when two (much younger) colleagues performed the MetCon, having not done the lifting, and were 1-2 mins slower.

VERY happy with today’s work!! More of this kind of contentment please!


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