05 Jan 15 – Strong Start to the Year

For some reason, Sunday nights can leave me laying wide awake for hours in to the night. The same was true last night and I can’t figure out why. It took a lot of relaxation technique stuff to get my mind to shut down. Even then, I woke at 0230 and 0430 to ensure I hadn’t overslept the session at CFP or my first morning back in work.

Still, despite the relative lack of sleep, I jumped out of bed and put the kettle on for my ritual coffee. I loaded the shaker with my protein and gulped that down with my high strength fish oil (2.1g of EPA/DHA Omega 3s per day). I then jumped in to the car and raced around to CFP; I do love those morning drives when the roads are completely empty.

It was with shock on my face that I arrived in to the car park to see at least 7 other cars there!! 10 people took part in this morning’s session! You can tell that it’s January; I wonder how many will persist at that time of day.

Strength A


5 x 2 Hi Hang Clean @ 80% of 1RM

70 / 70 / 75 / 75 / 80kg

I should have gone heavier. 80kg was slightly too easy at the end and I know I could have cracked 85kg. Still, it was a good showing from a technique point of view.

Strength B

5 x Press Complex (1 x Strict Press, 2 x Push Press, 3 x Push Jerk)

60 / 62.5 / 62.5 / 62.5 / 65kg

This was almost bang on; I could perhaps have done 2 rounds of 65 but I’m content with this one.


For Time:

800m Run Buy-In

4 Rounds of:

7 x Push Jerk @ 65kg

200m Run

800m Run Cash-Out

Total Time: 15:16 (Rx would have been with 75kg)

We did 800m to warm up initially and my left achilles was giving me all sorts of hell. However, after going through the strength portions it seemed to calm down and so I decided to do the WOD complete with running. It was clear after the first 800m that this was perhaps not the best idea but it didn’t get too bad and so I carried on; I am pleased that I did, to be honest. The 200m Sprints couldn’t be done that fast as I couldn’t get on to my toes to speed up; it was all a bit of a plod but I have to get running back in to the programming else risk not passing my fitness tests.

This was a good CFP start to the year and I’m very optimistic that I’ll start seeing decent strength progression very shortly.


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