03 Jan 15 – EMOM (and mince pies)

imageFirst up. Yes, I ate two bloody mince pies today! I am really upset with this lack of personal discipline. We went to a friend’s house and we offered mince pies, stollen and Christmas cake. I accepted a mince pie and didn’t feel too bad about it, having already mentioned that I’ll be eating Gluten Free Christmas cake until Sunday. However, I should have declined the second offer but just tucked straight in! I tell you what, I’ve been having some really big sugar cravings today too, despite the mince pies. It’s been very hard to not trough the Terry’s Chocolate Orange sat in my drawer.

At least on Monday we go back to work and the temptations all but disappear; it’ll be so much easier to see this out when I’m not faced with a sideboard still covered in chocolate, cake and treats.

So on to today’s workout anyway.

10min Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM)

  • 5 x Deadlift (50kg)
  • 5 x Hang Power Clean (50kg)
  • 5 x Push Press (50kg)

This was a bit of a disappointment because I really wanted to push past 10 mins. In terms of overall strength, the 10 rounds were not an issue. However, my right grip went at round 9 and the final round was a proper struggle because of it. This feels quite weird and it’s not something that has happened before. I don’t feel this was that much of a workout but it was a good training session in of itself.



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