02 Jan 15 – Chip, Chip, Chip Away

After crawling out of bed at 0540, it was down the hatch with some protein and a mug of coffee poured in to the travel mug before driving off to the box. I handed back the coaching key this morning and it was quite refreshing to be concentrating on my own workout again.  We (3 of us) began with Back Squats and moved in to a long chipper.

5 x 5 Back Squat (@80% 1RM)

100 / 110 / 110 / 110 / 110

This was a full 50kg (10 per round) better than last week and is not far off my best for a 5 x 5. Considering it is Friday and I’ve not been training regularly over this last 2 weeks, this was a good enough showing. I’m determined to get my squat technique up to scratch and am enjoying the programming in this regard. With a bit of hard work I’ll be back up to my maximum and beyond in pretty short order.

The Chipper to end the week was:

16min AMRepAP

  • 60 x Burpees
  • 50 x Toes to Bar
  • 40 x Wall Balls (9kg @ 10′)
  • 30 x Power Clean @ 60kg
  • 20 x Muscle Ups

Total: 170 Reps

The Burpees paced nicely and I was hoping to make up good ground in the Toes to Bar. However, I wasn’t able to string more than 5 together at a time through shoulder fatigue so broke it up in to chunks. The Wall Balls were routine, pushing out a 20 and 2 x 10. I should have gone harder in the outset and hit an unbroken 30 but I was determined to leave something in the tank for the Power Cleans. Sure enough, with 2 mins to go I hammered out 4 sets of 5 reps in the Power Cleans and was happy with that, especially the technique.


Pre WOD – 25g Whey Protein

Breakfast – Oats, Nuts, Dried Fruit and a small glass of Apple juice.

Lunch – Scotch Egg (Gluten Free), carrot salad, roasted veg tart (from last night) and a bowl of Chicken Soup.

Snack – half a fistful of dried fruit and nuts.

Dinner – homemade Chicken Stir Fry. Tonnes of veg, no noodles

Sweet – Small piece of Gluten Free Christmas cake (no more after tomorrow).

I have had sugar cravings this afternoon and find myself staring at Mrs Nomad’s open Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces. Controlled it well though, we will see how Saturday shapes up.


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