31 Dec 14 – 2014 Finisher AMRAP (and no to Paleo…..kind of)

20 min 14 sec AMRAP

  • 31 x Double Unders
  • 12 x Power Snatch (40kg)
  • 14 x Box Jump (34″)

Total: 6 + 1 Double Under

Thanks to Ben at CF Plymouth for creating this little gem to finish them year. Despite a buggered left achilles, I decided to complete this one anyway in order to see out the year. I felt ‘gluey’ and rough throughout but managed to hammer out 6 rounds plus 1 Double Under. I took far too long in the Power Snatches and should have worked harder, especially as it was only 40kg instead of the 50kg Rx. Still, all double unders and box jumps were completed unbroken; the box jumps were ‘step downs’ to try and save my achilles.


I feel the need to just clarify my Paleo challenge a little. Many will see this as a cop out and it kinda is but I need to explain that a true Paleo lifestyle really isn’t possible for me. For a start, it’s too bloody expensive. Do you know how much it costs to cook with coconut oil and eat the finest meat with no fillers? We have 3 kids and feeding them is costly enough; to then opt for the very finest products each time just because they may not contain wheat fillers is pretty much impossible. Secondly, it’s deeply inconvenient for my family and friends; I make this choice but to then ask my family to cook something a bit different each time for me is simply not right. It’s also rude to try to tell hosts that I need something a little different. I am therefore a big fan of the “100% Paleo, 80% of the Time” quote from AsRX.com.

So what am I actually going to be undertaking for this month?

As far as practicably possible, I shall not be eating or drinking any refined sugar, potato products, rice products or wheat products (this is by far the hardest part despite my daughter having coeliac disease). I shall scour the ingredients list of whatever goes in my face and will be getting all my carbs from increasing my leafy green veg, broccoli and cauliflower intake. Note, this is NOT a low-carb diet. I am merely switching the method of carb-delivery from refined crap to a lot of natural goodness. Yes, the overall net intake of carbs is lower but its more about the type of carbs that I’ll be taking in.

Make more sense? Let’s do this!


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